Tecnopinch Integral Solutions
Elena Arizmendi M. # 27-3 Colonia Del Valle, 03100 México. D.F. Teléfonos: +52 55 55430459 / +52 55 56879320 / +52 55 55362638

To assure the maximum level of our clients' satisfaction and the continuous improvement by means of the execution of the established objectives of Quality for the Company, adopting the commitment of applying the following decisions:

• To endow the Company of the human resources and necessary technicians, to assure the quality in the benefit of the services that we offer to our clients.

• To create a favorable atmosphere for the promotion of the quality in the Company, forming and motivating the personnel in connection with the quality, the work in team and the administration of projects that allow the creativity, initiative and the sense of the responsibility of the whole personnel.

• To get the client's total satisfaction, assuring and getting being confident of them by means of the execution of our obligations in the benefit of the service and the continuous improvement, obtained through the commitment of the Company with the Quality.

• To fulfill all the laws and effective regulations, relative to the environment, as well as those commitments and requirements that the Company subscribes.

• To prevent damages to the public health and the environment, reducing the energy consumptions, water and raw materials.

• To foment the establishment of cooperation relationships with our suppliers guaranteeing that our demands are carefully specified and communicated.

• To implement this politics, in such a way that is understood and completed by the whole personnel in the company, with the purpose of achieving all the established objectives of quality.