Tecnopinch Integral Solutions, S.A. de C.V. was constituted in December of 1995 with the purpose of offering services in Thermal Process Integration.

From their beginnings, Tecnopinch has been characterized by their capacity to integrate new technologies in the productive processes, and by their creativity to generate profitable... learn more

Tecnopinch Integral Solutions
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Process Energy Integration


This course is made using a theoretical-practical workshop to provide participants with access to analytical methodologies and leading edge technologies that serve as options to generate cost-effective solutions focused on optimizing its production processes and reducing energy consumption.

The program includes knowledge of pinch analysis to assess the level of energy integration in an existing process and the determination of potential energy savings.

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Energy Analysis of Thermal Systems


Known methodologies for evaluating the energy efficiency of thermal systems.

Develop skills to evaluate heat exchange systems, and identify areas of opportunity for reducing energy consumption.

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• Profitable Solutions to make efficient use of the energy.

• Basic engineering of projects.

• Thermal diagnosis of processes.

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