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Sulphuric acid

Energetic optimization of the production process

In the process of production of sulphuric acid it is carried out a highly exothermic reaction. The reaction heat is used to produce high pressure and superheated steam.
However in another section of the plant the process demands low pressure steam.

An energetic diagnosis of the process allowed to determine the inefficiency in the heat recovery, particularly in the drying area where part of the energetic potential got lost in an expansion process.

The integration of a cogeneration system that allows to produce 6 MW of electricity was proposed.
The remaining heat in the acid was removed with cooling water and the preheating the feeding water to the systems of steam generation was recomended, This project allowed to save 9 ton/hr of low pressure steam.

Integration of an expansion turbine in such a way that the high pressure steam once produced electricity, generates the low pressure steam that the other areas of the process demand.
Use the existing heat exchangers to cool the sulphuric acid with cooling water to preheat the feeding water to boilers, modifying only the number of passes.

* Production of 6MW de EE – Savings equivalents to 1,900,000USD/year
Investment 700,000 USD/year, payback 8 months
* Saving of 9 ton/year of low pressure steam in the system of steam generation, representing 1,500,000 USD/year
Investment: 600,000 USD TIR: 150% Payback: 8 months

Implementation: January 2000